Sunday, August 21, 2005

This is an installation style view of an untitled wire and acrylic paint sculpture in fron of Sara #9. The sculpture is about 70" high and fully dimensional.

The relationship between the two is striking- the gestures and colors of the sculpture fold almost seamlessly into the painting, which was something of a surprise to me. as this was not directly planned.

Sara #9 was originally sourced from the observed figure, in this case my friend and frequent model Sara Graves, while the sculpture was my first large scale attempt to build a sculpture as a painting object. (An interview with me on this subject is located at, who were rather thrilled at the 3-d use of heavy-body acrylic, in large quantities!)

7-Up, 2005
Acrylic on canvas, 26" by 40"

collection of Shelley Pletscher-Grove, Houston, TX

Arctic Figures, 2004
36" by 48", oil on masonite

Collection of Mark Vadon

Something of A Passing Whimsy

Eric Enters the City 2004
13" by 9" oil on board

collection of E. Evans

Sara #9, 2002-2005,
80" by 66", oil on canvas

collection of Mark Besta, Seattle

Gravestite 2003
pencil, 9" by 13"

Collection of the Artist

Friday, August 19, 2005

Death of R. Corrie #3, 2003-04
36" by 44", oil on panel

Collection of Mark Vadon and Mattie Iverson.

April in the Course of An Hour , 2002
96" by 66" oil on canvas
Collection of Charles Wohlforth
Remnant of April 2002
oil on canvas, 90" by 66"

Private Collection