Friday, April 14, 2006


Working Title: Population
2006, o/c

This my primary working painting for the last two months, still in process. It has only grown more and more complex, absorbing each mark and demanding reactions. I'm thinking of it as something like a Excavation by Dekooning, but treated in classical dimensions. (It has also been described lightly as Nude Descending a Hell of a Lot of Staircases. )

This painting is the end of a certain composition I have used for a while, and I suspect the beginning of a substantial shift in my work.

It has changed substantially in the last two weeks, particularly in the lower third, and on the upper left; the distant center, detail below, has changed somewhat less.

Sara #27 2005 o/c 24" x 40"

This piece was sourced directly from a set of poses by Sara, over about 3 sessions in June 2005 - it's dark to allow a great variance in transparency, and to create a strong illusion of piercing lines of light. I particularly like the dimensionality of the fluttering small collection of marks around the primary figure off to the right.

It's reactive rather than planned; I became more and more interested in making transparent marks - like wholly disconnected areas of highlights hitting skin, flicking around in all directions. This painting was a significant advance, one of my favorites.

Collection of Mark Vadon and Mattie Iverson.