Saturday, September 24, 2005

Afterimage: Sara

Afterimage: Sara
65" by 48" o/c

A 2005 work, just recently reworked significantly (this is the older image), using the same principle of spun off mark from the figure. The model is again Sara Graves - you should be able to suss out the three primary poses.

The view is off my studio in Ballard; the specific details are unresolved to emphasize the complex graphic interaction of the gestural and U- shaped marks spinning around the figure "centers."

There is much greater variation in the opacity and precision of the marks - they are gestural in origin but are more carefully resolved; one way to think of these might be a Dekooning with all the classical rules of painting spatiality back in place.

This painting was begun rather casually, but the complexity of the interaction of the marks nearly overwhelmed me as I worked to complete it. The marks have become both spatial and descriptive, gestural and highly specific. It takes me about half an hour to reaquaint myself with the painting before I can actually work on it.